Fall in love with your smile with help from Santa Barbara Dental Spa

Dear Friends,

A Beautiful Smile Makes the Best Valentine’s Gift!

The professional dental staff and estheticians at the Santa Barbara Dental Spa would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the best thing we share when we are with our loved ones is a smile. A simple smile can convey so many deep feelings, but far too many people who are self-conscious about their smile can’t fully share their emotions. They are concerned that their yellow, stained or cracked teeth will create a bad impression and aren’t willing to fully express themselves. Even though they are uncomfortable about their appearance, these people are reluctant to go to a dentist because they are afraid of what might happen.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Santa Barbara Dental Spa is committed to making dentistry painless and relaxing. We provide patients with the best Oral Health care and a beautiful smile utilizing the latest technology in a soothing, spa atmosphere. Our Santa Barbara dentist, Dr. B.K. Rai, specializes in Smile Evaluation and Smile Enhancement, as well as full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Rai routinely treats many patients with bite problems including grinding of teeth and TMJ related symptoms. In addition, Dr Rai is certified to perform dental procedures under sedation to make your visit completely painless and stress free.

Spa dentistry means that we not only want our patients to have a healthy mouth and body, and a beautiful smile, but we want them to enjoy the process! When you think of a visit to the dentist, it probably conjures up that unmistakable dental office smell, the whine of the drill, and a cold, clinical ambiance. Well, get ready to replace that vision with a peaceful, stress-free environment where you can be pampered while taking advantage of the latest and most comfortable techniques of modern dentistry. When patients visit us their experience includes a relaxing environment, stress-free dental procedures, and wellness services.

Our high-tech dental procedures include water laser tools, procedure education equipment, new advanced ZOOM whitening equipment, digital x-rays, and illuminated tools for improved lighting during procedures. But you might not even notice all of these because our complementary Spa Services include our chair massager, aromatherapy warm neck pillows, heated hand towels, soothing music, and soft room lighting, along with 3-D goggles and headphones.

Give your loved ones the gift of your beautiful smile this Valentine’s Day, and set up your appointment today for a Smile Makeover.

Dr. B.K. Rai DDS  + Everyone at Santa Barbara Dental Spa

Santa Barbara Dentist Dr. Rai

About Santa Barbara Dental Spa: Located at 2017 Chapala Street A, Dr. B.K. Rai and the entire staff at the Santa Barbara Dental Spa are committed to providing patients with the best oral health care and beautiful smiles. Dr. Rai routinely utilizes the latest high-tech dental technology in a soothing, spa atmosphere to treat patients with bite problems and provide mouth reconstruction including dental crowns, bridge work and cosmetic implants. Visit the website and Facebook page or call 805-560-9999 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.


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