Riviera Allergy | Mastocytosis In Children – Common Misdiagnosis

Riviera Allergy Medical Center (RAMC) doesn’t just treat allergies. Although Dr. Ulrike Ziegner is an allergy treatment specialist, she is also double-board-certified in allergy/Immunology and Pediatrics, and treats patients of all ages. Dr. Ziegner has expertise in treating immunodeficiency disorders, autoimmune disorders, food and drug allergies, insect or venom allergies, bronchitis and chronic coughs, as well as anaphylaxis. Her experience allows Dr. Z to diagnose rarer conditions such as mastocytosis in children, and to be able to distinguish it from other possible disorders.

Mastocytosis is a group of disorders that are caused by an excessive amount of “mast” cells. Although they can be involved in healing wounds, mast cells also play a role in allergies and anaphylaxis. Mastocytosis is usually confined to the skin, but can affect the bone marrow and internal organs. Because mast cells do play a role in allergic reactions, the symptoms of mastocytosis are often similar to the symptoms of an allergic reaction such as fatigue, itching, skin lesions, ear/nose/throat inflammation, headaches, and muscle pain. Mastocytosis is often misdiagnosed because it takes a trained eye and extensive background knowledge to differentiate mastocytosis symptoms from allergies or other causes. Because it is rare, many doctors may not even be able to correctly diagnose this condition.

If Dr. Ziegner suspects that your child may have mastocytosis, she may perform a number of tests to confirm this diagnosis. A thorough history will be needed such as number of skin lesions, duration, family history, exposure to heat, and other environmental factors. She will conduct a thorough examination of your child’s skin and may request permission to perform a skin biopsy. Dr. Z then compares the results of this examination against specific criteria to determine whether a diagnosis of mastocytosis is appropriate.

If she determines that your child has mastocytosis, treatments may include corticosteroid cream, antihistamines, dietary changes, and possible H1- and H2-blockers. She may then recommend a follow-up telephone call in six months and a possible re-examination in a year.

When it comes to your child’s health, it is important to trust his or her care to a trained professional. If another doctor has suggested that your child may have mastocytosis, or if your child has symptoms that resemble this condition, it is best to set an appointment with Dr. Ziegner to confirm this suspicion.

An accurate diagnosis is the first step in finding proper treatment and relief. At RAMC Dr. Ziegner listens first and performs a thorough exam using the latest testing methods to determine the true source of a patient’s pain or discomfort.


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Mastocytosis In Children – Common Misdiagnosis